Birch Testo

Testo Birch

J Ax e Fedez tornano con Assenzio
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Wake up young man
its 730 and its time for you to go home youve been asleep for half an hour now
i hope you enjoyed your stay and I pray that next time you come my way youll stop to say hello

So kiss me goodnight
walk through my frontdoor
get in your car
and head back home to florence
and she said kiss me goodnight
walk through my front door
get in your car
and head back home young man
and Ill be here you get back

You found the key to my heart
a little message that you wrote on birch park
and i hope you know i hold it dear
and sometimes the things i try to say
dont come out the right way
maybe sometime next year
ill lose this fear

  • Guarda il video di "Birch"
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