I'll Find You Testo

Testo I'll Find You

I should be singing about her
I should be playing faster
But it's 5 in the morning 'round here and I've got neighbors
I love this town with all of my heart
But lack of sleep has given me a brand new start
And the medication's gone to my head

But I'll find you somewhere in America
I'll leave from my end and you can leave from yours
We'll meet in the middle
In the middle of America
Somewhere in between my east coast and your California shore
Your California shore

I've been staring at your pictures 'cause you've got sparkling eyes
Makes me jealous, I wanna be there beneath that same western sky
And I'm wondering what that sign means by DANGEROUS
I'm headed to the state line later this week
Finally getting my tattoo done, I hope that you'd be proud of me
Oh I know what you mean, it's gonna set me free


And if I don't make it to California
I guess I'll be hanging around
'Cause we're living the dream after all
Y'all it feels like I am living in Elizabethtown

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