Way Back Home Testo

Testo Way Back Home


When I was young I had a girl so pretty
When I was young I had a girl so true
But you left town and headed out for the city
And you said you were never coming back through

You got a mama and a papa
a sister and a brother
But you ain't got no friends of mine
You know I cant tell the one from the other
Cause since you\'ve been gone, Ive been losing my mind.

And if you find your way back to the river
Wont you wash my black water soul
Cause I have found my own way back to shelter
So wont you find your way back home

So I left town about a year ago
Ive been to New York, Tree Port, and Chicago
And every now and then I send a post card home
Cause being gone dont change being alone

So if you ever miss the cotton feilds
You can find me hanging around the Moonshine Steel
Come back home if your love is real
Cause I ain't scared of the way I feel

Chorus x2
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