Fake Girl Testo

Testo Fake Girl

Smile at me like you actually care.
Reflection in the window tells you
that you have to fix your hair.
Your make-up gets runny when it rains at the show,
So you whip out your compact and you fix it like so.

Hello my name is what?
Fake Girl!

Favourite song, so you put it on repeat,
But after thirteen listens I am sick in my seat.
Get stoned in the morning,
fuckin' drunk every day,
I've been sober all my life, you don't care,
this is what you say:

Hello my name is what?
Fake Girl.
Pack your shit and move into the real world!

Hey, hey, hey, hey...
(Let's goooooooo...)

Talking shit? What's up with that?
I have a little something that you don't
and I am proud of that.
Find a personality.
There's million's just like you,
don't talk to me, fake girl!
Don't talk to me, fake girl...
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