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Testo Spazzy

Take my heart and twist it all around
It's confusing, but I think that I have found
Someone to talk to tell you everything that's new
But there's something in the way and it sure as hell 'aint you

You can take me to the river and then watch me shiver 'cause my innocence is broken again
I can't remember, you know I can't remember when my honesty was broken again
We are the sinners but she, she is a winner, it's insane to talk about it again
She doesn't believe me, as if she ever sees me and she's never gonna see me again

I hardly know her and she thinks that she knows me
Thinks I have to tell her everything I see
I'm wishing everything that you tell me isn't true
Obsession is not a good thing, God what am I gonna do?

I am looking to the left I am looking to the right
Try to make a plan, try to see the light
Ya I don't know what to do, but I sure hope things will last
Hopefully she won't spazz out and kick someone's ass
But it is good, it is bad, it is all of the above
If you were ever disappointed you could join the club
But you feel bad, I feel bad about it too
And that is not important 'cause I got the same state of mind as you!

I am in the same state of mind as you
You're in the same state of mind as me
I'm in the same state of mind as you
You got the same state of mind

We're in the same state of mind ...
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