Thanx Testo

Testo Thanx

oh you were always there for me you helped whenever you could
you always said you spoiled me rotten i think i turned out good
we'd watch mr. dressup every day and then we'd watch cartoons
oh grandma, grandma my only grandma, this goes out to you.


you would play piano and i would sing the words to every Christmas song
you would always tell me that i sang it right even when i sung it wrong
we would get on the bus and go downtown and watch the santa claus parade
and then you'd buy me something at the Krezgie's store oh grandma you're so great.


oh you are the best grandma in the whole world
i never see you without a smile or your hair all curled
oh i'm so glad that you had my dad and that my mother and my father had me
there'll never be another one like you as far as i can see....


your blueberry jam sandwiches are great and your cherry cheesecake is the bomb
i love your date cookies with a passion you're just like my second mom
you taught me table manners and all that crap but now i'll never get confused
you're always there for me with a big heart, big heart grandma i love you...

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