Shrine Of Worship Testo

Testo Shrine Of Worship

Led to the massive shrine of worship at the center of the region.
"wander" carries with him a body wrapped in a cloak which he laid upon the
altar in the shrine.
removing the cloak off the body of a maiden named mono.
she is revealed. a moment later several shadow like creatures with humanoid
forms appear and prepare to attack.
he dismisses them with a wave of his ancient sword.
after vanquishing the shadow creatures, the voice of a disembodied entity
echoes from above.
he requests to return her soul, and acheive the impossible.
The 16 idols lining the temples hall must all be destroyed.
Despite a warning and a threat of consequence.
He sets out and searches the land for the colossi, and eliminate them.
Sprouting horns he makes a meal of the lord emon.
Left with the taste the lords hemorages, he sets out to bring forth and slay
the final colossus.
Bridges shattering behind blazing hooves at a loss for his companion. Victory!
He suffers the same fate as his recent foe, only to be reborn and begin the
cycle once more.
We've achieved the impossible.
After what seemed like a lifetime of treachery, the world is once again safe
from the likes of deceit.
The righteous prevail.
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