The Grove Testo

Testo The Grove

Cattle in the slaughterhouse of the universe, a vast intermedian of emotionless
Force fed liquid lithium, the esophagus begins to melt, pouring blood into the
Your body stops the pain while you succumb to septic shock.
The Grove overflows with gore as the necrophelian rites are performed.
Children butchered on the altar, ceremoniously piled at the feet of the
Mutilated! Ripped to shreds and penetrated, implanted with the unholy seed.
The eyelids are branded shut, bodies displayed for all to see.
Parasites infect the lifeless, burrowing into their organs.
Melting skin boils on the pyre, entrails slowly evaporating into nothing.
After weeks the impregnated corpses begin to explode, revealing within a fully
capable atrocity, feeding on gangrenous flesh.
With these vile beings creation they bring forth The Great Culling of the
Radiation depopulation. Annihilation! Never to be undone.
Ash clouds fill the upper atmosphere, slowly choking all remaining life into
uniform submission.
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