Leave Me Alone Testo

Testo Leave Me Alone

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Girls Voice Opens

I know he's home
I just seen him go in
He's really trying to play me
What he think
It's just over like that?
It just ain't that easy
(sucks teeth) Trust me... I am not the one
Hmm Hmm Hmm... whatever... I got all night

SHAGGY - Verse 1

Go Figure
How yah turned out to be a real gold diggah
Why you don't get it
You a pain tah paint dah pikcha biggah
You ain't my main squeeze
And it's 5 in the mornin'
Why you callin' my phone
Keep the sweatah
Just leave me alone
No more love letters
Gotta blame myself
Cause I shoulda known bettah


Just leave me alooooone
Stop calling my phooooone
Invading my hooooome
Why don't you leave me alooooone
Repeat Above

SHAGGY - Verse 2

What a bummah
Met this girl on South beach last summah
Mommie got back
But she ain't no stunnah
Chat for awhile
And I had a few drinks
Well next thing ya know
We were fogging up the hummah
No this chick's banging on my door like a drummah
Stalking my house
Decked out like a plummah
Coulda kick myself
Cause if I'd thought with my brain
I woulda left her alone
She got laced
The opportunity was right there in my face
Her dress was how she played it out
Back at my place
I wish I could go back and correct this fatal mistake
I wish she'd...



Just that girl alone Brian & Tony Sing
Man.. I should have never took this girls' number SHAGGY Says
Don't call her from you phone B&T
Damn... Caller ID SHAGGY
Just leave that girl alone B&T
And to think I thought this was the one SHAGGY
Don't dare pickup your phone B&T
Fatal attraction... ah shhh... SHAGGY

SHAGGY - Repeat Verse 1


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