Another Plane Went Down Testo

Testo Another Plane Went Down

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Another plane went down today in the
Atlantic nine miles off shore
And every single black car that goes by just
might be yours
I haven t moved from this spot I sit here
watching TV in bed
I wanna see if the crash was sabotage
I wanna know if everyone is dead

I remember when I was fifteen me and Liz
would ride around
We liked to smoke in the car in the winter
with all the windows rolled down
I had a dream a plane exploded over my lake
one afternoon
I still remember the feeling when I woke up
I can t describe the magnitude

So many other dreams
The one that I had today
You and the Italian woman naked
Your fingers between her legs
She lay like a body in the water
She barely made a sound
She fell as quiet, as quiet, as a leaf falling
to the ground

Meanwhile back on earth I told you to
fuck off and go away
I've gotta call my friend who moved from
New York to LA
Five days before Christmas last year his
girlfriend died in a plane crash
He says the way that it happens is your heart
is so heavy it rips away upon impact
And then you just bleed inside
You don t even feel a thing
They found her on a hill in Colombia
Intact among the debris

So many other dreams
The ones where I m on death row
The ones where I don t know why
The ones where my parents drove
I wish I was with you now
Down at a Sixth Street bar
Laughing at the singer
Smoking in the car