Barbie Girl Testo

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Testo Barbie Girl

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Oh now what a suprise
Is that the way we're all meant to be?
Long legs, pure face
With a twenty-inch waist
Everything you eat is fat free
White teeth, great smile
This could take me a while
I guess i'm not wired that way
What's this? No hips?
Do I not make the list?
My life is over what can I say

That's not the kind of lifestyle I am living for
Do what you want but I know I want so much more

I Don't wanna be a barbie girl
I don't wanna wear my hair in curls
I don't need to wear high heels and skirts just to fit in
I wanna be content with who I am
An ordinary girl who loves to laugh
I don't wanna be a barbie girl just to fit in

Ooh Woah Ooh Woah-oh ooh woah ooh woah-oh

Good looks,fake tanA sensational man
Is that what being beautiful means?
What's new?, what's hot?
Gotta shop 'til you drop
It's so last season, where have you been?
Forgive me if I sound a little out of line
I'm just fed up of letting image rule my mind


Just one life, it's all we're given, that's your lot
I'm so sick and tired of being, something I'm not
We all need to be reminded who we are
Learn to love what you have got

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