Silverwalk Testo

Testo Silverwalk

We will be waiting for the sun...

oh yeah i can see that you're finished with me
i didn't show up
and i didn't make peace
and i didn't try lying to hide my defeat
you laugh but you dream and it's always the same thing
its sad to have dream without dreamer

you're carved out of this place
and you'll stand in your own way
and you'll make a decision that affects us all

i'll be your figment
i know you don't believe in me
and i can tell that you are so nearly done
i have to close my eyes to see it true
but this i knew
this is the dream and it's worth everything to you

i'll wait for you
you strafe the sky with your desire to fly

you're carved out of this place

i'll draw the covers and curl up tight
i'll hide my eyes and shun the light

i'll rise when the same times reflect back the same things
never in daylight
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