Castles Testo

Testo Castles

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hello it's been so long since we got along
It seems like everybody looks our way
So what's it gonna be? do you still love me?
The answer's around but it so hard to find.

If i had the book we could take a look
And try to find a way
But it's harder than it looks, it doesn't come in books
Just empty hearts and castles made of sand
That wash away. wash me away from you

Just a second. what went wrong? did i stay too long?
It seems that everything i do i regret
Wwell is it you or is it me? should we just set ourselves free?
Never look back and stay a step behind

Well yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow is another day
Toquestion all the things we left behind
I left you behind
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