I'll Be Waiting By The Southside Tracks Testo

Testo I'll Be Waiting By The Southside Tracks

Ed Sheeran presenterà gli MTV EMA 2015 a Milano
When finally it's over
It's time to start over now, that
I've built myself up so strong
Don't look over your shoulder
It's just me, i'm getting older now
I think i've been here too long

It's not my time (but i'm finally getting older)
They're just images in my mind (my time is getting shorter)

I see you in a distance
You're standing with a smile now
I haven't seen your face in so long
You say i'm good and ready
Now that I stand so steady
But I think you are so wrong

When you stand and take a fall
Will you find understanding at all
(Time only makes a difference)