Amityville Horror Testo

Testo Amityville Horror

how could you know how can i expect
you to realize it's almost two years later and when I close
these eyes yes you're in my thoughts yes you're in my sights
in this basement apartment in this basement life driving
in my car the one with no radio personal fortress of solitude four
left turns to go right back where i started out east VFW hall
right back where i started engulfed in it all how could you
know that this is the place when I'm walking up my front
steps mom and then I see your face driving in my car now
as time flies by yea it seems a little less difficult to let go
of all the things that drag you down yes they drag you to the ground
lead you out of town driving in my car the one with no radio
just talk to myself for a little while thought I'd let you know
how can I expect you just to realize the heart grows fainter
between the lines you drive
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