Enemy Convention Testo

Testo Enemy Convention

start the game grab the reigns dash
the names bash the brains sharpen the knives keep hope
alive in this we strive each and every night set for stun but
now you run while we're still young yes you're the one "start
today" or fade away in another place I thought you'd stay
pick a point to self to anoint feel the rush you're meant to
crush perfect friends but then again we're meant to bend
until we break enemy convention so just stay in bed visions
of long nights flash through your head the whites in their
eyes match the trench coat disguise through numerous
tries 17 alibis enemy convention so just stay in bed
the sight of your face is like a bat to the head the whites
in their eyes match the trench coat disguise we're all built
to lie just at the right time how could we fall apart how
come it gets so rough weighted down by memories but yet
it's not enough you took the notes with indelible ink take
time to think we're on the brink time after time we write the
rhymes can you do the time for my petty crime take my
word it's not too late i miss the fun i miss the wait one day
soon this will blow past until that time I'll chew this glass
rope that keeps us worlds apart no matter what you're in
my heart I'd brawl for you I'd steal for you what could you
do what can we do
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