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Testo Recognize

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
as I sit here in this hill
I begin to wonder
if I've had my fill of everything that I've been offered
and everything that counts
in my past I never bothered 'cause it came in small amounts
in 1989, I failed out of school
for the first time really bad
and now I talked my time and try to do things right
some think that's sad
we've got to recognize
this little movement we've grown upon
built upon the lyrics and fast songs
that were developed when we were still young
who cares as long as there's songs to be sung
we've got to recognize
here we are, face to face
another time is passing
don't you forget this time
for never again in your life
will you experience something like this
something like this...
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