Taming The "l" Word Testo

Testo Taming The "l" Word

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
now it can be your best friend
or your most crippling enemy
a mirage to your most deadly thirst
you walk to chase what you think you see
Now i've stopped to write a song about it
'cause it consumes my day
even the thoughts make me wanna
"punch my chest 'til it disappears into the crowd"
shroud my face in disbelief
take prescription tylenol heart relief
and even the company of my friends can't wash that down.
nor the biggest glass of self-esteem
a kick in the ass is what I need
to tame the "L" word to tame the "L" word
when it's it's there and on your side you know
you feel invincible you won't say no
and any wish or request is reasonable
to tame the "L" word, to tame the "L" word
but then when it's against you
you say what the fuck was I thinking
walking through the Hamptons just to get some bottled water
for half an hour maybe more.
or being 18 walking through the night
and tapping on your screen with a treebranch
just to say hello
and as time crawls by one by one we say goodbye
to get ready to give the "L" word one more try
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