Hammer And Sickle Testo

Testo Hammer And Sickle

I took out a loan for a down payment
on a girl who saw me for my mind
And the loan: it wasn't money, it was time

Some people will say that you're cutting off options
To be with a person but I found the sum of the options
To be incomplete in the will of man

Maybe it's money that moves my mind
Maybe it's power to pass the time
But I'm gonna stop the spending spree
Accept monogamy

Maybe it's money that moves her mind
Maybe it's power to pass the time
But she'll never end the shopping spree

Driving the status right out of a car
On a dirt road track or after the bar
Put the keys on the floor
The officer's making the law

And the loan did fail, the payments stopped
I had enough money, but not enough heart
And the heart is the hope is the brain is the rational part

Little Irina's gone
She's gone to the corporate con
They made her believe that a lack of sun
is worth the money
She knows that she's missing nothing
because socialization is moving in circles
We know that it's pre-determined
But with cause and necessity Kant was a genius

Your daddy made up for lost time
The car with the incomplete peace sign
You can drive it anywhere you want to be
But the steering wheel has no free will
And you say you don't either
Oh, the hammer and the sickle shaped your brain
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