Nyu Kids Testo

Testo Nyu Kids

she wants to live and leave
all at once
the kiss has conditions and the car has rust
but hey, Union Square has a rat or two roaming 'round

With every invite there's a look in the face
Persistence on resistance leaves an awkward taste
of the lips
she has hips and the way she moves eats me up

NYU kids are lying around
and a city is the spirit for a man in the crowd
who says hey will ya give me some money
for my honey Mrs. Cohol

The corpoate world she's a victim of and time
makes her tell me that she's not enought for me but
don't you see that the time is right on the park bench?

8 o clock or 4 o clock it's all the same at night
we're all ordering martinis and things and time
is perception but the analyst doesn't sing.

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