After All These Years Testo

Testo After All These Years

Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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Breathe in the night
That crushed a tired sunrise
Born again the day
Brings you naivety

A laptop souvenir is worth its weight
In silver a golden son
You'll be home again
And I'll be home again

Mend in my sleep
I'm boxing under water
Waddle on the wake
Waking on a summer day

After all these years
Forget about all the troubled times
Munificent, artless and ascetic
Playing like a scared
Enthusiastic pawn

And every father's pain
Casts a shadow over a broken son
You'll be whole again
And I'll be whole again

All those years
I was hurting to feel
Something more than life

Scarica la suoneria di After All These Years!
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