Ramble Testo

Testo Ramble

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
When I find my thoughts
It seems I'm losing myself
In the dark of my mind
And the ocean of time
So I read between the cracks
In the time that I write
But the salt water's dry
And the pain's in the sky

Give me something real
Something I can feel
Because the truth feels like a movie

All you do is ramble
Discard your life for shambles

To break the silence
Open up and ramble
To break the silence and open your mind
Leave it behind you

No longer engaged
To insecure scars
'Cause nothing's secure
It's just kept behind bars
And I love everything
You've learnt to ignore
But you don't wanna hear
If you've heard it before

I'll give you something real
Something you can feel
You take your life and make of it what you can

Open up your mind
Stop thinkin' 'bout all of the things you will never show

'Cause all you do is ramble
So light another candle
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