A Hero Loses Everyday Testo

Testo A Hero Loses Everyday

I've lost everything.
Now I've gotta find a way out.

They keep asking me where I was when it was burning
There's no trying to explain.
They'll lock me up again.
Throw away the key.

The protagonist became the villain they disdain in every way

I've lost everything.
But I'm gonna find a way out.

Nothing is left for me expect melody and hatred
No evidence was found
They'll let me go for now
At least till tomorrow

And Hey!
When tomorrow brings the morning sun again
I'll be long gone
As I drive away and leave the past behind
I think I'm dying.

It's so pathetic
I hate you so much but I still miss you.
Karma is hard to kill
When everything you do and say is all for
Remorse is hard to fake
When you only feel sorry for yourself

I'm coughing up my blood
It's filling up my lungs.
It's killing me.

When tomorrow brings the morning sun again
I'll be long gone.
(I'll be long gone)
Lying all around on this motel room floor
I know I'm dying
(I know I'm dying)

Hey! (Hey!)
I've lost everything
Now! (Now!)
I've still got to praise
Hey! (Hey!)
It's not that surprising
A hero loses everyday
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