Dawn Of The Fall Testo

Testo Dawn Of The Fall

It was yesterday you told me you loved me
But today I learned you found someone else and everything was fake
When I get back home I know that you'll be gone
And all the things I've given you are left behind
I'll put them in a box
And today I found out you moved in with him
A one-bedroom apartment down the road from the place we first met
When I get back home I know that you'll be gone
With all the memories of me you had locked here in this box
And I'll start to think of everything we had
I was always there for you I asked for nothing in return I swear
I'll believe, you'll make you see
You were there with someone else
See my pain, I'll believe you were there with him
I don't want to see your face again, not like this
I don't have to see you in this place
I don't want to see your face again
I will not be ashamed not now
This time I won't be ashamed of it
This time I won't make it change myself
This time I will make myself believe
My heart, it won't break this time, won't be left behind, I won't be so shy
I won't let you win this time
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