Discovering The Waterfront Testo

Testo Discovering The Waterfront

I will promise myself I won't care
distracting myself from your stare
and I've seen this mistake once before
with your games I will never fall for
I've hung up my guns....
I won't kill again

I won't forget you (I won't forget you)
I'm not gonna let you win (I'm not gonna...)
but I'm tired of lying
tired of fighting you
and it's not gonna change

You ask for my heart
you know that I'm down
but not the way you lie to me,
you tear it all apart and beg for me to say
I sail off to sea (I sail off to sea),
I'm not coming back


Counting down
Make that sounds
When you know it makes no sense
Counting down
Till you mess around
When I know you can't ever change
Why am I trembling?
Throw it overboard
When I'm ready to we'll progress
Counting down
Make that sounds
Break the silence

Pretend it's not for never,
I'll pull myself together
I'll say that I'll forget her,
I'll breathe.
And I'll say she never hurt me,
And look at it as learning,
And laugh about the good and the bad.
Because I won't live forever
We don't belong together,
I know I'll be all better,
One day when I can make it through.

[Chorus x2]
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