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236 E. Broadway
A Better Place
A Great Fire
A Hero Loses Everyday
A Midwestern State Of Emergency
A Shipwreck In The Sand
Already Dead
Always And Never
American Dream
Bleeds No More
Bodies And Words
Born Dead
Broken Stars
Buried At Sea
Burning Hearts
Call It Karma
Coffee Mug
Dancing On My Grave
Darling Harbour
Dawn Of The Fall
Defend You
Desert Nights
Destination: Blood!
Discovering The Waterfront
Face Of The Earth
Falling Down
Fist Wrapped In Blood
Forever And A Day
Forget Your Heart
Forget Your Heart (Acoustic)
Friends In Fallriver
Giving Up
Go Your Own Way
Good Intentions
Good Luck With Your Lives
Hear Me Out
Heaven, Hell And Purgatory
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Hide Your Secrets
I Am The Arsonist
I Knew I Couldn't Trust You
I Will Illuminate
In A Place Of Solace
In Memory Of
In Memory Of (Demo)
In Silent Seas We Drown
In The Dark
Intervention (Demo)
It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
Je Me Souviens
La Marseillaise
Last Days Of Summer
Late On 6th
Live To Kill
Love With Caution
My Consolation
My Disaster
My Héroïne
My Heroine
My Miserable Life
On Brave Mountains We Conquer
On Our Kneesx
One Last Dance
Quit Your Job
Rain Will Fall
Red Light Pledge
Replace You
Replace You (Acoustic)
Rodeo Clown
Scenes From Parisian Life
See Ya Bill
Short Songs
Sick As Your Secrets
Sin & Redemption
Sleep Around
Smashed Into Pieces
Smile In Your Sleep
Sound Of The Sun
Stand Amid The Roar
Stay Posi
Still Dreaming
Summer's Stellar Gaze
Texas Mickey
Texas Mickey (Demo)
The Artist
The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink
The Continual Condition
The End
The Ides Of March
The Sand Will Turn To Glass
The Tide Raises Every Ship
The Weak And The Wounded
The Wind Shifts
Their Lips Sink Ships
This Is How
Three Hours Back
Three Miles Down
To Live And To Lose
Toronto (Abridged)
Toronto (Unabridged)
Total Bummer
True Romance
Truth & Temptation
Vanity And Greed
Waiting Four Years
We Are Not The World
When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Wish I Could Forget You
With Second Chances
World On Fire
Worlds Apart
You Gotta Stay Positive
You're All I Have
Your Sword Vs. My Dagger