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Testo Stay Visible

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The road opens wide,
there's space here for two of us.
If I could slip under the wire
we'd wait here, just stay here a while.

Slumped, my body's tired
and this fear never lets me sleep.
Your smile this trial elates,
in your eyes I see mothers open gates.

If fortune could smile
there'd be room here for two of us
and I would burn myself through the wires.
With hate concentrated, unearthed, disparate, in time.

Once in a while,
if peace held for two of us,
if we could show mercy awhile,
with patience transcending this cold never ending through time.

And if home still matters,
if these bones were not so shattered,
what state, so desperate,
within a hollow shell, in a forgotten state.
Come tear the dirt from my eyes.
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