Contrast Testo

Testo Contrast

So damned cold is this night
But so am I
As a human being I am denied

You are what you can buy
I'd rather be dead than live up to this lie
Something has to be done

You say things have to change?
But please, not too much now
I want to uphold what we call 'secure'

It cannot be so wrong
To live on the safe side
Better to use than become used

There is nothing for free
I rise with the challenge 'til I'm on my feet

The view is so good when you're not on your knees
The solutions start with questioning

Solutions that we need?
For problems I can't see
Hey, I'm not the one who caused the alarm

Swimming with the stream?
This nature of the things I say
For the river runs only in one way

But the river's running dry
Maybe yours but not mine
See, we're in this together
No, you're not like my kind
I'm not to blame for your weakness
Without a less there's not a more
Your richness causes poverty
What should I care for?
We run down a descending spiral, running out of time
And growth rates aren't endless
But still it's working out for me
Inside you're empty
I've got everything I need
But your money can't buy happiness

You're just a huge amount of zeroes
You're a huge zero
Call me weak you think you're strong, right?
But you don't know shit what it's like
To stand for something that you never have understood – 'cause you never asked why
Every day I have to justify the things I say
Every day I keep on strugglin' for a better way
With your back against the wall, you would feel lonely, too
But I stay human in contrast to you
You stand for nothing
And nothing stands for you
You stand for nothing
No one will stand by you

All I try is to stay human in contrast to you
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