Lost / Found Testo

Testo Lost / Found

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm astrayed
I got lost in this
This place, not made for me
Hurts so bad

Stick to the little things
Small sparks that light the dark
A little while

Hear the scream in me
Too loud and too intense
To shut it down

This can't satisfy
My will to feel alive
In a dead world

Get lost
Be found
Fight the hopelessness
Ascend from underground

Edge your knife, my dear
Peel off your filthy skin
So you can grow

Leave this all behind
Don't worry about the ones
That do not care

So much life inside
Potential is there to arise
And so are you

They can't bring you down
As long as you don't want
To be their toy

Yet not alone
You can be the guide
That shows your way back home
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