The Passage Testo

Testo The Passage

And here you are
Longing for release
Hostile eyes they pierce your skin
Like a thousand teeth
Pray to be invisible

Feel the shame on you
Crawling underneath
A cold hand that grabs your heart
Hinders you to breathe
But still the air is filling your lungs

I see through the scars
Beyond the darkness
A shape that you could become
So bright and beautiful

Hide yourself
Afraid of the fear
You'd better stay inside
In a familiar sphere
But this is not the answer

Have the courage to be weak
You'll find strength in that
Bear this burden in dignity
Wave it like a flag
And realize you are not alone

Now you've taken the first step
Once on your way
There's nothing that could hold you back
From growing inside your own

Anything you need lies inside of you
Anytime you doubt yourself do not despair
Remind that

I can see through the scars
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