Can I Live Testo

Testo Can I Live

verse 1
you knew i wan't faithful from the jump so dont fonr
like i was quit quit acting up bugging
since when we been messing
flexing love has been good no doubt
but now trying to get on lock down
trying to figure out what i'm all about
if im going out
who im chilling with
what im dealing with
just cant, just cant handle it
you're not my girl and im not your man
im a tell you again so you understand
im not trying to be caught in i'm not moving
not budging not tryin to get stuck in
somethin i cant get out of
if you twice shorty then i doubt ya
need to get offa my back
your line to tight need to cut me some slack
so let go

can i leave
can i breath
inhale exhale get offa me
what i do
where i be
who i see you follow me
what is this
can i live can i breath
inhale exhale get offa me
give me privacy

verse 2
met you in the club you was bumping
drunk as hell off the henny with the thugs and smoking sutmhing
acting like your cousins but you really wasnt
plus i caught you with the horny face and i loved it
so i took you 2 the crib for some F*****g
touchin hugging lotts rubbing few hours later
not busting i hollered at you cuase your body was rite
and i stayed smashing the s*** was tight
what was your plot coming here tonight
if you thought it was sweet it aint no tonight
i wont go that route it is not my life
im a baller you a dick you need to get it right
stuck in my ways now why you testing me
need to stop stressing me you cant hangle it
cheers and the memory


meet em love em bust em leave em
that is just the way i treat em
i dont owe no type of reason
not my girl so im not cheating
never gunna have forever
with me youre not good enought
to fill me
nothings changed from the beginning
this is the end so be it

i look and see a girl that i feel fatally attracted
aint trying to go home to the smell
of old rabbits thats why
we going to chill until i instill it in your cabbage
the meaning of your space and to clarify your status
you aint my gina and i aint your martin
so chill with that crazy bulls*** that you sparkin'
pagin off the hook like you bent off of henrock
reply's in your signature smothering my inbox
call all the time but never saying nothing
you for now when you call boo, you get the end button
i never understood you aint in
the woods hunting
so why you keep binoculars and like a cuffing you
gray baring me
nah better yet F*** that
u scaring me talking that you want to marry me
nah go stalk another n****
i ant brathing theres a reason
why im pullin out the scissors
now bounceo..

tell me baby
tell me baby
can i live
can i
can i
let me

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