Infatuated Testo

Testo Infatuated

yo, i'm a show em how we do like this like this like this i like that
like this like this like this yeah i like that come on come onnnnn

verse 1
infatuated by the famous mr. bling
intoxicated by the energy inside me that i aint goin' do that cool
i thought the dragon would never see the day
wen the east coast the west coast the south all
in together on a common thing infatuated

some people say we're worthless cuz we never front arund my way
found a way to get crunk we dont tippy toe
we stomp my way cuz im from baltimore
and you know that the dragon dont play
so from the jump to the middle when im pump we gonna give you want you want

verse 2
associated with the ballers down the hill
we like the ladies with the i dont give a-attitude
shorty rock those heels and i can't go for that
and know that you can't go far for that and if you say you wanna roll roll
roll roll


like this like this like this
show em how we do it some on like this like this like this
yo do tham nnn thing again

chorus x 2

thats tight

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