Without You Testo

Testo Without You

dru hill, pajam, without you, def soul

im free to fly like a bird over the earth far away
seeing where beauty's entailed places
unveiled take me away when

b section
when i envision your eyes you light up the sky
holdin my dreams in a cry
now i feel my hearts been revealed

could never see myself without you
dont leave me alone

soaring from a valley so low to a mountain so high what a life

exploring why your love never grows old
no hug is too tight, this is rite

b section (repeat)
i can do without material things
i can do without diamond rings
girl i wont get by
without u by my side
i need u in my life

Close Your Eyes (interlude)

damn i cant believe you did this to me agin
i mean,
yo i dont even i dont really even know what to say to you rite now
i mean...
sisqo you say that you love me you say that you wanna be with me
and then... that you're gunna marry me but i cant do this again you need to
promise me
that were not gunna have to go through this S*** again i mean yo im tired of
i mean...
i need for you to show me that you really wanna be with me

i just want you to love me....
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