Skank Down Testo

Testo Skank Down

Dear Jack: Leiner Riflessi sostituisce Alessio Bernabei

walk down in the middle of the road

hold my hands in my long winter coat

i feel cold

my feelings are full of emptyness

my heart is frozen and motionless

i cant stay i run away


i start running down the street

these feelings still are haunting me

say i got myself to meet and really had no choice

i dont like to talk with me

cant listen to that voice

i run away


i am still running down the street

these feelings keep right after me

try to touch me catch me want to pull me down

but i tear off and get away

running through the town

i run away


running gets my blood in flow

maybe i can stand it so

moving running skanking i am becoming warm

and i get my feelings back

blowing like a storm

i am skanking on