What What Testo

Testo What What

Ah ha ha, hoodlum shit (hoodlum shit)
ya know what im saying
feel me
the saga continues
what what

fucking with a dirty nigga gets your wig split
fucking with the fake nigga gets you killed quick
what knda nigga do you got in your hood
the one thats down with the killing or running like bitches
back to the actual factual about this shit
niggaz be playing like they real, they not bout it
screaming 200 and beyond shit
niggaz need to stop talking or im bout to bome on them quick
but them niggaz dont wanna see the other prosper
riding in the benz screaming I got it
whats wrong with that niggaz be playa hating me
what the fuck up with ya G
I alone handle my business
I alone deseaced all my enimies
I dont give a fuck, cant ya see fuck in this job nigga that opposes me
bring it hard, I bring it quicker
I bring more noise breaking the sound barrier, ya dig it
dirty nigga coming out the scene its just wicked fickit
New Orleans, nigga what

[Skull talking]

That nigga Chad don't like it yo
What what
That nigga Bobby wanna deal you fo
What what
That hoe Satchel boy round the block
What what
I heard the hoe even called a cop
What what
What the fuck are you gonna do
What what
Skull watch your back I'm comin fool
What what
Who you think gonna knock you off
What what
Them niggas close to you make you fall
What what

Insane be the thought that made murder up
whatching blood and body parts hit the sidewalk
niggaz know my c-low it be tight
mayhem and money and murder is what I like
bucking niggaz like bitches, and straight up macking hoes
not talkin bout you females talkin bout you nigga roll
what you gonna do, here I go bitch
bring it on to me anytime find the ditch
put niggaz that walk, and try to talk the all
hoodlum niggaz be stalking niggaz like you after dark
now whassup, niggas don't want none
and if they did they wouldnt of been the proper kid cause I am the one

What what
Nigga bout to buck you down low
What what
Skull watch your back he's comin G
What what
You better get somewhere safely
What what
Grab your punt by your gat nigga
What what
You got to start shootin back nigga
What what
Watch them fuckin jive ass hoes
What what
Them niggas knocked out with ya low
What what

[Skull talking]
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