Hoodlum Testo

Testo Hoodlum

(feat. Dwayne Michaels)

Yeah, Yeah, Niggaz look at here this is straight hoodlum man
out that T.S.O Camp , and that No Limit Family ya heard me
Ha, I'm lettin you niggaz know I'm representing hoodlum
like dat gulf coast mobb'n on the attack nigga
straight were the hurricanes come on shore.

It be some real niggaz don't know the deal niggaz
be run that's why im straight top gun
got my No Limit Soldiers behind me
in the tank nigga you can't find me
Then I look on the left side of of me what's that sea
T.S.O nigga got the glock see
ready to bust, fuckin every thang up
niggaz don't know about the dirty south whatch it bro
I bet you know one thing niggaz go handle it
only the real niggaz be packin more blue steel in the mill
If you don't think so, come down low
fuckin tourists dying from bullets
droppin out the sky on the ???
look at here you know that one the boots scoll the lands
If you can't handle this, then you better whatch yoself
If you'll be a hoodlum nigga, Strength for self

All my Hoodlum niggaz every where, uh, throw your hands in the air, yes
All my Hoodlum niggets every where, uh, throw your hands in the air
All my Gulf Coast Hoodlum's every where, uh, throw your L's in the air, niggaz
Gulf Coast Hoodlum's every where, uh, throw your L's in the air

[Dwayne Michaels]
A rather good day before, I let a nigga break me
put guns to my head, and try to take my god foresake me
Never shake me on the phone with tony wrong
connectin with chrome, the war is on, im gettin gone
I got my chips in my pocket, my profet
350 ya know, niggaz knock it, but bitches jock it
it feels good to be breathin, the first of the monstor reason
for hustlin cluckers fiendin
Jerome Wackets was my partner a long time
nigga caught him slippin [?] with a chrome 9
he got a girly, and a shorty ain't no using crime
the only nigga with a set of hands stronger than mine
let's take a journey to that other side
were you live for a quarter and die for a sip of water
(Damn bro, don't you know its real out here man Gulf Coast like to fuck hard)


Spiral for life that's my only click hoodlum that's what I represent
Do you suckas know that they don't play
that's why I get them No Limit Niggaz with them AK
Niggaz be tripin, slipin, round the cut
But them niggaz know one thing
we don't give a fuck, yes I represent
That I got my gat, and Im straight screamin were them hoodlums at!!!

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