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Testo Stem The Plague

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Havoc wreaked upon the earth tarmac suffocation constricts chemical impurity fills the air contaminates the breath of all life barren lands exist where beauty once lay the chainsaw rapes what nature as sown tracts of land brutalised and scarred by the corruption of industrial greed acidic rain falls to ground waste invades the seas humanity´s avarice brings death “progress” clogs the throat armageddon awaits us on the path chosen a reality alight with sun-burned pyres of humanity virgin forests a forgotten sight to the next generation so many selfish hands lay waste revulsion strikes the heart of those that perceive the devastation no longer consumed by this apathetic culture what is right must guide action all must be given for the final struggle the struggle for all life itself

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