Gang Signs Testo

Testo Gang Signs

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I will bleed for the one who gave everything for me - Watch and wait - Read up! - You're going to die for that man whose blood is on my hands - So fess up his name - And be bled dry - You can see the new generation of gang signs - Beware the simple flattery - They'll hand you over in chains - Those who serve and protect just for protecting their own best interest - As they serve you up to the flames- But I've got one eye to the Sky - I see just one man in the distance - So step up and feel my resistance
Even if we all die - Time is on my side - I laugh inside as they fight him - Prepare to run I can't spell it out plainly - Aww, you're befriending the system - And you're gonna get paid - And love grows cold as the sick ones hate you - Never realizing they're the ones getting played - Read the signs of the end of this age - As man makes plans - The flood comes quickly - Our history's bathed in blood but lets become the copycat culture war - As this Sunday school mind takes the place of the kingdom - And I'm done with this abomination - Desolation - Vultures, vultures circling - And the world will morn as we flee - I see it's over - Time is on my side

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