No Sleep From My Eyes Testo

Testo No Sleep From My Eyes

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
My master told a parable once that we should always pray and not lose heart. When You face the Corruption of life, he says "Come boldly and trust Me", say. Grant me justice against my adversary, that thieving traitor I despise. every word you speaks a prophecy that I feel true over me you speak I believe countering his deceit your will be released within me Im not here alone, I rise and Smash agendas back and One day soon Ill see it, my prayers your prayers they will be answered. All my life I wished for a fight that actually meant something more than all this earthly waste I hope to bring people face to face with you lord. Youll get no sleep from my eyes till she comes home. Youll get no sleep from me Ill sit here and pray alone Youll get no sleep from me Ill wait here and pray alone Youll get no sleep from me the lost will see the high cost as you paid I plead War. The lost will se the high cost you paid plead war. All My Watchmen, Wake Up!

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