The Streets Don't Lie Testo

Testo The Streets Don't Lie

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Taking me to the streets - I'm losing everything, society deemed important to me - Where do I turn? - Kicking me in the teeth - Why's my wife and daughter sleeping in some strange building their whole life taped in boxes - How can my marriage survive? - How will my wife respect me at night if she don't think I'll provide - What goes through my child's mind, her fragile heart, this tears me apart - Oh Jesus am I alone in this fight? - Only vagabonds can know - Only the homeless ones can comprehend what it means to lose everything you know, just to come home again - Only the pilgrims go from strength to strength, and the son of man has nowhere to lay his head - So now he helps me find my way in this world, I'm home again. - And he sings over me - His voice washes my wounds clean - He says my sons and daughters, exempt from fear this is Jubilee - You are one, you are my child - Child of mine who is unseen, Oh nation, listen to Me - Don't you worry about a thing - Night will fall, though the darkness is real, sun will rise, though the enemy lies - The awakening, your home is nearer than it seems, Come waste away with me - How many sunny days have I passed men and women taken to poverty within this nation
I'm passing I mumble a prayer, Oh God just get them out of this jungle, let me show them salvation - My Christian vanity, all my possessions links and chains to this all powerful nothing - We're choking on American Dreams, and this Whole nation falling down at the feet of the meek - Maybe the homeless ones are free - Maybe those vagabonds can comprehend, what it means to have absolutely nothing, while coming home again - And as those pilgrims go from strength to strength - Like the son of man, nowhere to lay his head - And I've experienced losing everything I thought was home, on my way home again - And he sings over me - His voice washes my wounds clean - He says my sons and daughters, exempt from fear this is Jubilee - You are one, you are my children, child of mine, you can see me, who is unseen, I know you all, I know and I see - Night will fall, though the darkness is real, but the sun will rise, I'll lift your head up, the true awakening, I'll never leave, come waste away with me
Give up every thing - I hold truth and resurrection life - Kid stay vigilant You watch and wait for my imminent return - And every generation sings - Every generation that lifts up its head, it lifts up its hands - As the people sing... We are those - And we declare to every broken heart - Children of One - Let every wounded soul - Who Is unseen - All who've been cast away - Worlds will Fall - Every last one that's been turned away - We may die, in the awakening - We declare over your heart this is your destiny - Come Waste Away! - Meiranatha! - Jesus Come! Kingdom Come! - Your Will!

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