Anyone Night Stand Testo

Testo Anyone Night Stand

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Last call, but i just kept on drinking
i saw a face in the crowd, one soon i would regret
so i stumbled my way towards this innocent face
introducing myself as "the life this bars been needing"
i saw a smile open up and i knew i had walked right in
we started talking about the world and all the troubles on the way

as sad as it sounds, i was barely paying attention
i only wanted one thing
oh i only wanted one thing

i'm sorry baby but i had to dig up them bones
the night was hazy
and i didn't want to spend it alone
now that it's over
put your clothes back on and go home
go on home

now at the hotel
with the view as vast as the sea
we started to undress one thousand floors above the city
then the calm before the storm where i had started to feel a bit guilty
i just let myself know this will all be over soon

now i'm not going to lie
or keep from you any secrets
with this sort of thing i've got issues through the roof
still it takes two to dance
and we both got what we wanted
oh i never caught a name

i can barely remember a face
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