Life In Disguise Testo

Testo Life In Disguise

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well the world is only a stage
And I'm just a man
With a sound caught in his throat
And a pick in his hand
But when the song comes tumbling out you understand
There's no great demand

Well it's there under your breath, behind your eyes
And you don't have to say nothing cause I realize
That everything somehow in someway eventually dies
It's life in disguise

It's your room and your board and your fireside
It's a shell that's been washed by a million tides
And if you're there you can see just how bright it shines

When there's nobody left in your heart, left in your head
When the whole world has packed up in shadows and left you for dead
When you can't fake a smile and you just can't get out of your bed
When the people you led turn to you looking so hungry and bare
And you were the one that had brought them there
And all you can do is just stare at your hands and whisper my name

Elenore Cecil Robert and Molly
Coco Rudy Maxwell wherever you are
Elenore Cecil Robert and Molly
Coco Rudy Maxwell wherever you are

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