Paper Birds Testo

Testo Paper Birds

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well I often think about her when the night comes and I'm walking the road
And I know I'd never trace her, I can barely begin to barely place her chronologically
Just a flurry of white dresses and second guesses, now lesses which martyr me
If I'd really think about it, it's all I'd ever think about.

My land lord, has been shooting bullets into paper birds
Heh, when he's drunk, he's immaculate, especially before noon
What I'm trying to do, with these paper birds is to find a better way to lead one that's more accurate
And I'll practice my aim, and I'll masculine my game, and I'll know songs well before it leaves my lips.

When the lady finished crying I knew I had to say something to comfort her
But I all I've learned from love, is that what you love can be what destroyes you
Loves just a flower fading congradulating your vanity's champion
It's the blood I want to shed before old or even dead. x4

My land lord, has been shooting, bullets into paper birds
And he's last, of a dying breed. A pharmisist with wings
What I'm trying to do with these paper birds, is to find a way to lead one that's more accurate
And I'll take, these targets that I hit they can go on, my refrigerator for all my friends to see
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