A Wanderer's Star Testo

Testo A Wanderer's Star

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
My hollow eyes, behold the wall
my state, catatonic
my inner self plagued by disdain
by disdain...

i am so new, so disharmonic
blinded by a higher level of insight
i am evolved, so disharmonic
muted by enlightenment of thought

- i am glorious, - you're a sheep among the herd
- i am righteous, - guided by an unseen hand
- i see clearly, - you're a sheep among the herd
- i am glorious, - you're a sheep among the herd

a dark liquid of repulsiveness pulses through my body
i let my veins surface but what drains me is red

a wanderers star

i long for the shelter, where i once was
wish to be the blind sheep, herded by the unseen hand
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