You Moved In Testo

Testo You Moved In

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
You moved in
to my hotel
You could have done better
But Oh Well

I tapped your phones
I read your mail
We split the rent
But you couldn't
Make the bail...
(Make the bail)

Now you never listened
to the fables
You just danced to the symphony
Of the musical sound of
Your ever expanding sea
(Ever expanding sea)

And now with your hair
Turning so white
You live in your car
and drive
Drive all night.
And you think about J.D.
And why he had to leave
Kneeling in some bunker
Wiping his nose
On his sleeve

And I hope you don't mind
If I grab your private life
Slap it on the table
And split it
With a knife
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