In The Blue Testo

Testo In The Blue

This insomnia's breaking my heart

Oh night, bright light
Oh my angel where are you, tonight?
My heart bleeds red
No-one here but the roach...
In my head (in my head)
In my head (in my head)
In my head (in my head)

Distant war (?)
Speeding to a different place
I wonder what dieings like
God help me
God help me
God help me, I think I'm drowning in this taste

Now I'm out of cigarettes
? looks ugly and I get soaking wet
The lookless faces look like my ??
Flood the world
Flood the world
Flood the world with my tears

So come on baby, tell me i'm wrong
Give me your fairy tales about those lucky freaks
I tell you lady, it won't be long
I think i've had more than the doctor said to take
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