Buy Buy Baby Testo

Testo Buy Buy Baby

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
It seeps under your front door
Until it soaks in every pore
Between the cracks in the walls
It'll flow in every night

It'll flood from your TV
And destroy your magazines
You're a fish on a line
There's a hook and you're gonna bite

You better go with the flow
You don't wanna get left behind
You better go with the flow
They're gonna come rob you blind

Buy buy baby
You can't escape it
Oh it's true
They got a hold on you
Because you'll love it or hate it
There's nothing, nothing you can do
They got a hold on you
Yeah they got me too

She comes in every shape and style
With a fire cracker smile
In a hot pink Cadillac and a Sunday dress

They get underneath your skin
'Till your veins begin to itch
You can't run, can't hide
They're stuck inside your head


You'll take the bait
And they'll take my money
Hook me up
And I'll spend more money on you

My remotes control's a gun
And I've switched the safety off
It blows my mind to think we're having such a blast

(You'll take the bait
And they'll take my money)
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