Red Tape Testo

Testo Red Tape

What lies ahead, yo
I don't know, but we still must keep on trudging
They hook me up and they plug me in
Now I'm locked up in a psychological dungeon where my mind soaked like sponge, yo
Everything they spit out
Now I'm brainwashed with the same trash and there's no way to get out
Even when I set route I still got doubt
Somebody tell me what it's about
Yo, move your mouth
Make a sound
What's going down?
Is it coming back around?
Is the bad getting badder?
Worse getting worse?
I'm about to burst and you still won't help me first
Hey, man, fuckin' around with the data doesn't really matter, man
Must be a scam
Can't understand the plan
Dam shut
Things ain't all that up here in Camelot
As a man that got, givin' you what I got
Well, I wasn't really shocked when it happened
I know they know what's going down but they ain't clapping
Turn up the amp and keep rappin'
None of that we will be having
You dirty backstabbin'
Like JB's say, get ready for the big fuckin' payback
If you ain't with it then you'll say don't say that
Don't say that
If you ain't with it then you'll say don't say that
Don't say that
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