No Apologies Testo

Testo No Apologies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
How long did I wait for your reaction
The world around has disappeared
There was no chance for interaction
Blind and deaf we veered between joy and fear

When the skies show the direction
Will we go or take the opposite
And when no one follows, are we sure we’re still right
But we didn’t care about the end

We never asked for a permission
We simply climbed up every wall
Another day, another vision
Eyes were used to see what lies behind

We were falling out of heaven
Crashing hard against the ground
Creeping all the way through hell and back
We never knew when we’ll return

All I can say, we have no apologies
No consolation wanted
I promise we don’t mind the things you do and what you say
We have no apologies
No desperation needed
But fortune’s on our side when we defy all conventions now

We’re untouched by your conviction
Even if we fall from grace
Maybe this is our addiction
Not to hide, but breathing free again

We shared our angels and the demons
We tried to mesmerize our life
Another word, another reason failed
Now it’s time
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