The Power Of Spice Testo

Testo The Power Of Spice

Dear Jack: Leiner Riflessi sostituisce Alessio Bernabei
all) 1 2 3 4 5 Spice Girls!
We are Spice Girls yes indeed
Just girl power is all we need
We know how we got this far
(geri) Strength and courage and a wonder bra
(all) Could this work with only 1
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(emma) With just me I'd have no fun
(all) Could this work with only 2
(mel b) We need more for what we do
(all)Could this work with only 3
(mel c) 3's a crowd but company
(all) Could this work with only 4
(victoria) no way girls we need 1 more
(all) listen up take my advice we
need 5 for the power of Spice